NO ESCAPE! / Imagic / Atari 2600

This game actually manages to be both totally bizarre and kind of fun. The premise is that you are some hapless dood trapped in some kind of Roman pavilion with a rainbow roof. You are hounded by columns of enemies that dance just above your head but don't touch you. At first, it's just a column of shirtless disco guys that dance back and forth in a predictable pattern, but soon afterwards you get new enemies that drop bullets on you and swoop back and forth in increasingly erratic, fast and unpredictable movements. You have bullets that you can lob upward, but if you shoot the enemies directly, it just respawns the whole column of them. To kill them, you have to shoot the rainbow roof, whereupon pieces of tile drop, and you have to time the falling tile to hit the moving enemies while also dodging whatever bullets they throw at you. Aside from shooting straight up, if you're moving right or left, you can "hook" the bullet in that direction to throw it around enemies that are right on top of you.

There's a pretty good array of enemies and they're actually drawn to where you can usually tell what they are supposed to be - mummies, centaurs and wild boars among them. Each is also accompanied by a unique menacing little musical ditty as they move about, lending the game some decent atmosphere. The game even has a bit of a "game over" screen as you watch your hapless dood ascend to the afterlife on Pegasus. Not the most longevous game for sure, but certainly at least a little interesting.

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