JOURNEY: THE ESCAPE / Data Age / Atari 2600

This is the only Atari game I've seen yet that has an animated introduction at the outset, even though it's short and a little confusing. There's a shot of space, and I guess Earth, and then the rad Journey spacecraft apparently flies down and destroys Earth with a barrage of needles.

Much like the Journey arcade game, the theme here seems to be the band freaking out on psychedelics. In this case, I guess you're a band member trying to flee the concert, with waves of walking hearts, shifty janitor heads and other obstacles coming at you. The gameplay is odd - you run about the screen freely, but to run forward fast enough to beat each level's sixty-second time limit, you have to press up against the top of the screen, and of course this leaves you little space to respond to and dodge oncoming enemies. Along the way you can pick up fat severed heads and what appears to be the Kool-Aid Man to make you invincible for awhile, and the goal is to jump in the rockin' Journey Computer Mouse ship in each level. If you happen to miss the ship, though, you're apparently screwed.

This insanity just continues basically forever I guess, with the oncoming enemies altering their patterns slightly in every new level. It never gets entertaining; just really fucked up.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video