HELL DRIVER / ITT Family Games / Atari 2600

Honestly the only reason I picked this one up for a review was the name - I mean seriously, Hell Driver by "ITT Family Games?" Greatsauce.

Anyway, in this game you play as some dipshit who decides to take his sports car onto a busy freeway and cruise as fast as possible, weaving in between other vehicles for the lulz. The graphics are about as ugly and primitive as it gets, but there's actually a pretty good sound of rumbling engines and horns honking considering this is the 2600. The game just continues until you plow into another vehicle, where both you and they get to pay the ultimate price for your asshattery in a fiery explosion.

Has the usual extremely limited gameplay that is the 2600 standard, but I can't really say it's that bad. I would have bumped it up a notch if the button allowed you to "ghost ride the whip" just before plowing into a tractor-trailer.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video