ENTOMBED / U.S. Games / Atari 2600

So here's the premise - you're an explorer dood trapped in a ruin that auto-scrolls from the bottom to the top of the screen. You work your way down through a maze of branching paths, some of which contain dead ends, deadly scorpions, wall traps and other lethal forms of nastiness. Touch a trap, an enemy, or the top of the screen, and U Dead.

Actually not a half-bad premise but the execution is all kinds of fail. Basically, the game ends up being all about cheap deaths as you constantly start down a dead-end path and can't double-back, or have a scorpion suddenly jump out and facepwn you. I guess the idea is to memorize the entire maze eventually through trial and error, but who wants to be bothered with that?

Videos :

* Gameplay Video