THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING / 20th Century FOX / Atari 2600

The Earth Dies Screaming is definitely in the hunt for most badass video game title ever, as it happens it is also one of the better space shooters on the Atari 2600, with colorful graphics and a quasi-3D perspective.

Of course, this is the 2600, so you can't expect a whole lot, and it's a case of relative standards. The gameplay is pretty simple - track alien ships on your radar at the top of the screen, they fly up and try to blast you, dodge their fireballs while you return fire. Try to asplode as many as possible before you Die Screaming. Admittedly, it gets old rather quick, but it's executed well, and the tasteful use of color and use of first-person perspective are both rarities for the 2600. The gameplay is also smooth and fairly pleasant. Not as epic as the title might lead you to believe, but not bad at all.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video