The use of the word "evolution" in the title here is interesting, as AEE does nothing more than clone five popular old arcade games, doing nothing to "evolve" them beyond adding one irritating generic Euro-techno party-boy looping music track to all of them.

The five games in question are Centipede (Scolopendra), Breakout (Smashout), Lunar Lander (Lunar Parking), Frogger (Toader) and Asteroids (Vulcanoids). Even the clone names are about as unimaginative and lazy as it gets. None of them have been improved or riffed on in any significant way, and some are actually watered down - slower and less challenging gameplay, and with ugly simplistic raster graphics taking the place of the iconic pixel art of the originals.

AEE gets 0 stars not for technical incompetence - all of the games are perfectly playable, if diminished from their original sources - but for simply being about as lazy, cynical and unimaginative of a cash grab as it gets in the gaming world. All of these games are available either downloadable in their original forms or in a "collections" package elsewhere.

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