Ah, 1982 ... a great time to be a red-blooded American. Reagan was strong in the White House, greed was good and the enemies of Freedom were at bay. This game represents all that was great about that time. It's basically a combination of Space Invaders and Galaga. A commie politburo worm hides out at the top of the screen, walled off behind a mob of college students and other assorted hippies, who periodically break off and come diving at your brave patriotic ship spewing deadly Marxist propaganda. Like a true Red, this worm hides from your shots behind this wall, and he takes advantage of the naivete of youth to continually generate more followers to protect himself and attack you.

When you finally take out the worm, the purple flag of surrender is raised ... until another worm and his followers inevitably show up, representing the Endless Struggle that all True Patriots face to defend this Great Nation from the ever-lurking threat of socialist dictatorship. Buy this game and support our troops ... for Lady Liberty.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video