ZOO KEEPER / Taito / Arcade

Zoo Keeper puts you in the shoes of a hapless zoo keeper set upon by evil monkeys who have escaped and set all the other animals free for the lulz. You have to run rings around a square enclosure, which reinforces it with bricks, meanwhile the animals inside are bouncing off the walls chipping away at them and trying to bust out. Inevitably some will make it out, and then you have to jump over them while trying to survive for a set amount of time and still keep as many trapped as possible for bonus points. Every now and then you get a bonus stage in which you jump up a series of platforms to rescue some chick while also snarfing as many random food items as you can, and dodging a rain of coconuts from a monkey.

The game starts out kind of fun in the first couple of levels, when the pace is slow, but after the fifth or so level the amount of foes and the speed picks up to where it's nearly impossible to survive. Complicating matters are the finicky cornering and weird, floaty jumping which make moving just too imprecise for when the speed ramps up and there's tons of animals roaming around.

Funky deep retro synth sound and trippy flashing colors add some 1980s ambience that some might enjoy, but then again some might also get seizures from it. Ultimately the game is a little too shallow and a lot too hard to get a whole lot of playtime out of.

Videos :

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