ZERO WING / Toaplan / Arcade

The arcade release of Zero Wing is the original, but it is not the one that established the famous, played-out meme I don't need to name. That Engrishy cut-scene is not present here, as the game just launches you straight into the action as Zig, hoping that you know what you doing against waves of enemy fighters.

Zero Wing is basically a hybrid clone of Gradius and R-Type with a slow pace, but there's some chutzpah in the presentation and some good elements. The best bit of the game is that your secondary weapon is a tractor beam with which you can grab enemy ships and use them as a shield. You can even grab the bigger ones, but they gradually drag you toward the bottom of the screen when you aren't actively moving upward. You can also sometimes grab a gravity bomb in this manner, which explodes in a neat effect when it is released.

Overall the game is nowhere near the top of the shooter class, but the arcade release of it is really not a bad game.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video