Windjammers is a fun little game, a seeming throwaway by SNK that actually turns out to be more unique and fun than much of the rest of their Neo-Geo/arcade roster.

Two players face off in a small arena, and the objective is to get the frisbee behind the other person and into one of their goals. Generally this is accomplished by bouncing it off the walls at a sharp angle, but each character also has a "super throw" that can loop around or cut through the opponent if executed properly. So it's kind of like air hockey, except there are a few further gameplay twists. For example, the speed of your throw is determined by how long you hold onto the frisbee after catching it. Releasing it immediately gives you the strongest attack, but it's a tradeoff in terms of time to position yourself and aim. There are also multiple goals behind each player that are worth different amounts of points. A well-timed direct throw can hit the outer goals without any bouncing, but those are worth only three points. Hitting the goal in the direct center of each player's end, however, is worth five points.

Matches are quick affairs of only a minute or two. It's kind of a hard game to learn, as most SNK games are, but the learning curve isn't dreadfully steep here and it's fun when you do. It's even better when you go up against another competent player, as you frantically whiz the frisbee back and forth and make diving saves.

A small game but loads of fun for two players, don't overlook this in the midst of all the fighters and shooters in SNK's arcade lineup.

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