WAR OF THE WORLDS / Cinematronics / Arcade

War Of The Worlds is a simplistic but kinda neat game from 1982, apparently meant to be a sort of 3D interpretation of Space Invaders. You control some kind of a tank turret that slides along the bottom of the screen and fire only directly forward. Spaceships fly in from above and land in the background, grow spider legs and gradually march toward you while randomly pausing to sweep ahead of them with a laser beam. Also, some colorful shuriken sometimes randomly flies out of the skies at you, and if it hits you you get frozen in place for about three seconds. The goal is to gradually shoot the legs out from under the enemies, which takes three hits - they gradually move slower as you shorten their legs, and when you've cut them off completely they'll turn red and fly off in retreat unless you can quickly blast them first. Also, sometimes when they land, you'll have like a millisecond to blast the ship for an instant kill before it even grows legs.

The game features well articulated vector graphics, particularly in the fluid spider leg animation of the robots, and is fairly impressive by 1982 standings. It's actually fairly fun, but at least according to some random dood on Wikipedia, the knock against it when it debuted in 1982 was that it was too easy. I dunno about that, I think it's actually pretty challenging, as the laser fire of the enemies is totally random, and you have to get within their field of fire to hit them, so every pass at an enemy is at least something of a gamble.

Videos :

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