WARDNER / Taito / Arcade

Wardner is an odd little platformer starring a chubby little wizard who has his girl stolen by some evil mage named "Mr. Wardner", and sets out posthaste to retrieve her. Our little fat wizard is a bit limited in mobility however, and starts out with only the ability to lob a fireball a short distance in front of him. So the game has a slightly slower pace than most arcade platformers, and also emphasizes careful movement more than reflexes and twitching.

On the whole the game is kind of fun, an odd mix between cute and dark, and the levels are pretty well designed. You collect gold as you go, which can be used at shops between levels in which you purchase defensive items, and various upgrades to your fireball that cause it to spiral around and go farther in various directions.

Unfortunately the last level is immensely frustrating and becomes tedious as, unlike every other level, you have to re-do the entire thing each time you die. Wardner thus loses some points for its conclusion, but otherwise it's actually an interesting little obscurity worth a look.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video