WANTED / Sigma / Arcade

Wanted is one of those early first-person target shooters where you've got a dood with a gun at the bottom of the screen whom you move left and right to dodge projectiles, and control the elevation of his gun sights with the up and down portion of the stick.

It's also one of those games before "political correctness" where the first level has you blasting hell out of a bunch of Indians apparently attacking your stagecoach. The game moves on to less racial fare in later levels, becoming more of a "take out the scruffy gang of robbers" type of Western game after this, but the whole thing is rendered even more bizarre by a chiptunes rendition of Puttin' On The Ritz which I can only assume was included due to the 1982 pop hit reworking of the song by some Dutch dude named Taco. Super Duper!

All of this doesn't really matter because the gameplay sucks anyway. There's no transparency to your bullets as they pass up the screen, so you might as well just move the reticule to the very top at the beginning then just scroll back and forth blasting away.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video