Undercover Cops (or "Shigeshi Cops!!!" as the game constantly announces) is yet another arcade beat-em-up where musclebound warriors slug their way through a gigantic army of cloned punks and ruffians. This one has a few touches to distinguish it, such as using Street Fighter-esque button combo moves and rush attacks, but on the whole it's really just another derivative and tedious exercise in the key of Final Fight.

The one high point of the game comes at the end of the first level, where you fight a cyborg boss in front of a trash compactor that slams shut every now and again. Time it right and you can huck the boss in for an instant win (though you can also wind up becoming a smoothie yourself). This is about the only time there is any real original background interaction, however, and most of the rest of the game is just the same punk clones thrown at you in wave after wave after wave in typical low-budget beat-em-up style.

The game may be worth a quick look for its weird juxtaposition of cutesiness and morbidness, and it has some decent dystopian background art and high-energy music (that sounds a bit like a second-rate Yuzo Koshiro), but it's nothing outstanding and certainly not worth going out of your way for.

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