SUPER GEM FIGHTER / Capcom / Arcade

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (also released as Pocket Fighter) is yet another Street Fighter variant from Capcom, this one starring chibi-munchkin version of fighters from various games. The fighting action is a bit more simplistic here than in other games, with only one button each for punches and kicks. The twist in this one is that you pick up colored gems throughout the fight, which "level up" the three different special moves that each character has.

The game has great graphics and backgrounds, and is worth the price of admission for the cuteness factor alone. Each level is packed with goofy character cameos as M. Bison happily sleds by, Dmitiri has a blast sliding across the wax floors of Dracula's castle, and Rolento stealthily sneaks up on a bowl of noodles.

Unfortunately, the "kawaii" factor is going to have to stretch a really long way with you, because the actual fighting leaves something to be desired. It's not a bad game by any means, but it does feel stiff and limited as compared to the "real" games that these characters come from.

Videos :

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