STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2 / Capcom / Arcade

No one knew his name; those who saw him simply called him "The Asian Kid With His Hat On Backwards", and he was a legend. In the 1990s, anywhere there was an arcade with a Street Fighter machine of some sort, if you got on a hot streak for long enough he would appear. He roamed far and wide, all across the United States and into Canada and Mexico; rumors say he'd even been seen in Europe and Australia. His sole purpose in life was to knock people off of the Street Fighter machine, using his ridiculously honed skills; once done, he would retreat into the shadows until the next worthy challenge presented itself.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 was created solely for him, and those who followed his way. Having thoroughly mastered conventional Street Fighter (via god knows how many countless hours of play), they required a version spiked with huge doses of caffeine and methamphetamine. Street Fighter 2 : Turbo and the first Alpha game both had these Crank Modes, but they were optional; Alpha 2 was the first of the series to force normal people to down fifteen cups of coffee before playing just to keep up with the action.

That's not to say Alpha 2 is a hard game. Actually, it's quite easy - as long as you play like a complete and total scrub. If you're used to games of timing and skill like King of Fighters, and try to bring that mindset into this one, you'll do nothing but get your ass handed to you. Victory in this game requires repeated and flagrant spamming of special moves and cheap combos.

On the positive side, it has really pretty graphics, and introduced a number of characters that went on to become series mainstays such as Akuma and Sakura. I think if there was a way to slow it down to a reasonable level, it could really be somewhat fun and playable. As is, however, it just gives me a headache.

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