SPINMASTER / Data East / Arcade

The heroes of Spinmaster - apparently also the stars of Data East's similarly obscure arcade and Genesis title Dashin' Desperados - are the victims of what appears to be a very poorly funded terrorist organization, who gets tired of having to drive around in a beat-up old VW van they bought off some pothead. They jack your loots, and just go ahead and help themselves to your girlfriend while they are at it too.

This leads you into a game which is most obviously compared to Metal Slug due to the platform, though I thought it really played more like a combination of Contra and Rolling Thunder, just with short-range weapons and a much more kiddy, cartoony sort of look to it. Though I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some of the Metal Slug team worked on it before jumping ship to SNK, as it features mummy enemies and Egyptian settings that are a bit similar.

Spinmaster is almost shockingly easy for a Neo-Geo game - levels are a breeze, with the exception of a couple of cheap-hit laden segments designed to suck a few extra quarters out apparently. The boss battles are likewise rather gimped, with slow predictable patterns and not taking a great deal of abuse to bring down (especially when using the "special powers" of the game, of which you get a rather generous three per life.)

The game is a little too easy, simplistic and repetitive to be a top action game - there's really never a white-knuckle sense of excitement, nor do I see much reason to replay it. It's still not a bad little action-platformer, though - the graphics are bright, detailed and colorful, level design is on the simple side but decent, and play control is very solid. It's not a bad one-time romp for two players.

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