So I guess you play as the sailor ... uh ... "Sindbad," as he seeks treasure on random islands. The treasure is buried in random spots each time you play, but Sindbad can find the location by picking up all the ? marks around the maze. However, there's a passel of monsters on every level waiting to make that more difficult.

The twist of the game is that you can actually find the treasure without picking up all the pellets ... Sindbad is able to dig holes in the ground both to stop his enemies and to search for the treasure (though he has to politely fill in one hole to open up another.) From a practical perspective, however, you usually just need to pick up all the pellets anyway, as the alternative is just digging holes in random spots and hoping for the best.

The monsters don't actually seem to know or care where Sindbad is on the screen, but by dint of there being a whole lot of them in a fairly small space, they often manage to corner-trap you anyway.

The game is as passable as any maze-chase game, I suppose, but the gameplay twist really doesn't do anything special for it.

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