SENGOKU 2 / SNK / Arcade

Sengoku 2 makes some good improvements on the first Sengoku game - it adds much nicer graphics along with faster and smoother gameplay. However, don't expect more from it than the typical beat-em-up can deliver.

We revisit the world of Japanese demons invading from another dimension, except this time they seem to be attacking multiple time periods at once. Our heroes, one of whom seems to be a pirate with a mullet, teleport from era to era hacking, and hacking, and hacking, and hacking, and hacking away at them.

Unlike the first game, you now come perpetually equipped with a sword. You have a high slash and a low slash, but for practical purposes, they are virtually identical. Likewise, holding down both buttons together allows you to parry - which would be a great addition if there had been any tactical advantage to it at all, but the enemies in this game are so easy you barely find occasion to use it. You also have three "transformations" to choose from now, which work the same way as in the previous game, though they are all available from the very beginning now - you don't collect any up as you go this time. Again, the game is so easy that you rarely even need to change into these guys, and will likely do so only out of curiosity and desire for variety.

The game is surprisingly short at four levels - it is basically a visual tour-de-force that has neither much depth nor longevity.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video