ROLLING THUNDER 2 / Namco / Arcade

Rolling Thunder 2 returns with more of the same gameplay as the first installment, but drops the dark and morbid vibe in favor of a "Get Smart" theme and a Miami setting.

Agent Leila joins Agent Albatross as a playable character now (the pair look for all the world like Al and Peg Bundy), as they take on the Geldra terrorist organization once again (who have apparently dropped their colorful Klu Klux Klan hoods in favor of Mickey Mouse ears this time out).

The gameplay is fundamentally the same - enter doors to recharge your bullets, jump up and down from railings and bannisters, and so forth - but something just seems to be lacking in this one as compared to the first. I think the loss of the dark ambience really does the game quite a bit of harm, and the level design in this one is just packed with predictable yet cheap hits. You can be assured that whenever you walk under a railing some guy will come flying out to jump down on your head, whenever you jump on a rock to go over it two guys with pistols will rush out from nowhere and try to ankle-shoot you while you're vulnerable, and every time you walk by a random garbage chute some kneecap-shooting terrorist will slide out of it and gun straight for your kneecaps.

The game's difficulty basically just revolves around cheap hits that you have to experience at least once in order to anticipate, and you get punished for taking things slow and cautious by having the rather short timer run out on you.

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