Oh lawd ... it's the exact same game. Welp, if you didn't find prequel Hacker Evolution appealing, there's no point in even looking at this one, as it appears to be the exact same engine with only tiny and minor tweaks, none of which makes it any more playable or interesting.

We once again step into the shoes of Brian Spencer, faceless "security expert" upon whose behalf we enter simplistic MS-DOS commands into a parser tediously over and over again. OK, technically it's Unix commands I guess ... but how much of the audience would you expect to know that? This time out, there's an even vaguer and less interesting story about the "technological singularity" approaching or something. The game really gives you no reason to care or investigate further whatsoever, so I didn't.

I'm still lost as to who the audience for this game is (and how they were big enough to merit a sequel being made.) People who already know Unix inside and out, I guess? If you don't, it seems like a steep learning investment for a game that really doesn't have anything else going for it. You don't learn anything about hacking, you just laboriously type in samey commands over and over again.

Videos :

* Riveting gameplay

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