HACKER EVOLUTION / exoSyphen Studios / PC

This is one of those games that lost me at the tutorial level. First of all, don't expect to learn anything about actual hacking from this game. This is basically "MS-DOS Commands: The Simulator." You just memorize a bunch of basic commands like "crack suchandsuch" and "download suchandsuch" and just type in the right one at the right time. Wheee. Although it even manages to cock that up by not specifying how to simply connect to a server without using some haxxor techn0rqs (just typing "connect" doesn't do it ... the tutorial lost me when it told you to do this but couldn't be stuffed to explain what the actual command was.)

There's some background story about how in 2010, technology is created that allows packets to be sent at speeds faster than light. Through some vague unspecified hand-waving, this causes information to be able to be sent back in time, and also causes some AI to develop that shuts down global communication or something? Yet you're still able to haxx0r and craxx0r to your hearts content. I don't even.

Anyway, so instead of doxxing banksters and getting free games from people's Sony accounts, you're combatting this rogue AI through ten separate missions. This is presuming you make it out of the tutorial without feeling like the game is going to be a massive waste of your time. I watched some video of the later missions and it never really gets any better or more interesting than what you see in the initial level. There's so much potential for this idea and the game seems hell-bent on not using any of it, instead presenting you with this dry command-line-based text adventure with simplistic puzzles basically. I just don't get the appeal of this at all. Maybe it's only for Unix people?

Videos :

* Exciting gameplay