ROBOCOP / Data East / Arcade

The arcade version of Robocop is an example of the worst sort of cynicism in the gaming business, a game with intentionally horrid and sloppy level design and packed full of cheap hits to ensure that all the kids playing it would have to pump in a steady flood of quarters to progress all the way through it.

The game plays kind of like a hybrid of Vigilante and Shinobi, but with none of the endearing qualities of either. Robocop goes through eight levels, loosely based on scenarios from the first movie. He pulls his pistol out when the enemies come at him with weapons (which is nearly all of the game except for the very beginning), and can pick up various upgrades like a plasma rifle and laser beams. He's also got a very stiff and limited jump (logical given he is a heavy robot I guess), and that's about it. This humble arsenal will be all you have against squads of heavily armed goons who jump onto the screen and surround you in giant mobs, usually also with the aid of gun turrets planted in some inconvenient location at the top of the screen.

The structure of the game ensures that you will get hit and die, a lot, even if you have pretty good reflexes and long action game experience. It is artifically difficult, in a way that is meant to empty your pockets of their change. Tossing in characters from the movie and having Robocop randomly burst out with a few digitized sound clips at inappropriate times doesn't compensate for that.


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