OH MY GOD! / Atlus / Arcade

Gaming history is littered with the bones of Tetris clones that never caught on. Too many were released in too short of a period of time following the success of Tetris, and the majority were thus doomed to failure and obscurity. I don't know how much of a splash Oh My God! made in Japan, but it wasn't nearly enough to get it ported to Western markets.

The only other point of note about this one, aside from the name, is that it was made by Atlus, a name you don't often see either in arcades or in puzzle games. The low success of this lone foray may have had something to do with that.

Anyway, the gimmick of this one is that it is similar to the Puyo Puyo/Columns school of Tetris clones, but the groups of blocks that fall move in a snakelike motion. Thus, you can push down and up to wind the snake around and make the pieces fall in a slightly greater variety of ways than in similar puzzlers. In spite of that, I found that the "snake" mechanic actually made the game more complicated and needlessly confusing, and I was annoyed by it very quickly.

Simplistic graphics and boring, generic music do nothing to help elevate the game. Only for the most hardcore of Tetris/Puyo/Bejeweled fans, who have to sniff out every possible variant. Everyone else will put this one aside within minutes.

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