Mega Man 2 : The Power Fighters serves up more of the same of what The Power Battle offered, just with a few minor tweaks and new options.

Most notable is the addition of Duo, the big slow guy introduced to the series in Mega Man 8. I believe the cabinets still maxed out at three players, however, and there was a two-player version that was much more common.

As with The Power Battle, you go through a selection of robots from Mega Man 1-7 on your way to a showdown with Dr. Wily and one of his more spectacular guardians. They are randomly distributed here, instead of being grouped by chronology in the series. The fights, in and of themselves, are slightly more challenging this time, as the Mega Buster doesn't tear everyone up as it did in the previous game, and when the enemies are reduced to 1/2 health they go into "desperation mode" and add new moves to their repertoire. On the whole it actually becomes easier, however, because Dr. Light now tells you what the enemy weapon weakness is prior to the match, and use of the appropriate weapons will really shred the enemy robots in this game.

Thus, it ends up with the same strengths and shortcomings as the previous game - very appealing graphics and fun to play, but the longevity just isn't there. The one major downside to this one? Capcom wants 50 cents per play now, instead of 25.

Videos :

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