Cthulhu Saves The World (from here CSTW for my sanity) runs on basically the same simplistic engine that prequel Breath of Death VII did, but there's been a lot of little tweaks and improvements. These manage to cumulatively add up to make the game a significantly better experience than the first.

The game has expanded to nearly twice the playtime and size of the original, which is good, but for me the real step forward was the writing. The humor in the first game was largely carried just by haphazardly plopping in references to other games everywhere, which was alright for a chuckle here and there. Here the writing and dialogue are genuinely funny in and of themselves without needing to lean on "HEY HERE'S THAT THING THAT YOU RECOGNIZE" button-pushing all the time (though there's still some of that too.)

The game also looks a bit more like an SNES-era game than an NES-era one ... early SNES like the first Breath of Fire or the first Lufia much more than FF6, but still more colorful, detailed and pleasant on the whole. Also, instead of just cherry-picking random inexpensive songs to license, they brought back the guy who did the battle themes for the first game to do the entire soundtrack this time, and it's markedly better for the consistency.

The only knock against it is the fact that it still runs on a really crusty and old-school engine, which does get kind of tiresome after awhile. The dungeons are more complex in this game and have mini-puzzles making them more interesting than the long slogs in the first game, but combat does get to be the same old tune on the same old fiddle after awhile. Though for the most part I actually really enjoyed the game, I didn't end up finishing it. I stepped into the final dungeon, saw there would be 50 battles to clear it out and move around freely, saw that I would need to do some Grindan to be able to hang around in there for any decent length of time, and was just like "you know what, I don't feel like doing this" and watched the ending on Youtube instead. I'm notoriously impatient and have a big stack of other games always waiting, though, so your mileage may vary. When you finish the game it also unlocks a bonus remixed mode with all sorts of new characters and dialogue, plus some Lunar-like Bromides you can find, so there's some play value beyond the ending.

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