KRULL / Gottleib / Arcade

Krull was a fantasy/sci-fi movie epic from the early 1980s that I missed out on. I don't know anything about the quality of the movie, but the game that is based on it is pretty atrocious.

Now, to be fair, this was 1983, and this probably about the best you can expect from a movie license at the time. It does have some neat effects for the time, the sound work is decent, and the gameplay isn't totally abysmal. Still, there are plenty of games from 1983 (and before) that managed to be enduring classics that are still at least some fun to play now, but Krull is definitely not one of them.

It's more or less a Robotron knock-off, with the two-stick control style for moving one way and firing another. But the game is broken into a series of distinct mini-levels, with similar gameplay but different objectives. In the first level, for example, you can't even fire, but are running about a mountainside picking up pieces of your shattered weapon. Once that's done, the remaining five levels all have you shooting this odd giant shuriken/boomerang thing at hordes of grey beasties called Slayers. A nice twist is that you have an "army" (a ragtag collection of seven or eight doods at best) in many levels, who will actually take out enemies for you, and can be taken out by them in return. They aren't very bright and are usually vastly outnumbered, though, so they tend to get taken out pretty fast. Complete the final level, in which you slay The Beast to rescue some princess or another, and you'll start the whole loop over but everyone moves even faster.

Really, the game just kind of makes you want to play a better-executed version of this concept like Robotron, Berzerk, Ikari Warriors or Smash TV. I've seen some semi-favorable reviews about, but they all seem to be from established fans of the movie, so objectivity check and all that. If you have no emotional investment in the movie, likely you'll find absolutely nothing appealing here.

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