JUNGLE KING/HUNT / Taito / Arcade

"Jungle King" is the early version of what eventually would be called "Jungle Hunt", due to a lawsuit from the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate (who objected to the similarities to their Tarzan property). While the games play identically, it is really worth seeking out the Jungle King version.

Jungle King begins with hilarious digitized Tarzan roar and proceeds to keep a fairly awesome pace from there. The game is divided up into four sections - jumping from vine to vine, swimming through an alligator-infested river, running up a hill dodging boulders, and finally rescuing your girlie from the fine young cannibals cooking pot.

Each segment is basically just a test of timing, and all are fairly short. Mysteriously, the hair color and loincloth of the hero changes with each one, indicating that perhaps this is some sort of a team effort whereby four different Tarzans are searching various areas for the missing lady. Or, it could just be sloppy graphic design by Taito, who knows.

If you play the "Jungle Hunt" version of this game instead, you get some jolly good British safari explorer as a main character instead, and the excellent Tarzan roar is cut out of the game. Unfortunately, all of the home console and computer ports are of this particular version.

Jungle King is really a pretty easy game, one of the few old arcade games that you could learn to beat with just one quarter in a short amount of time. Once you rescue the girlie, the quest begins anew, leaving you to do it all over and shoot for the high score if you care to. Low level of difficulty aside, it's still a pretty fun little brainless game to play when you don't feel like doing anything too active.

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