I'M SORRY / Sega / Arcade

In the running for the most bizarre and inexplicable game ever is I'm Sorry, which chronicles the adventures of a porcine Japanese businessman as he runs around neighborhoods snatching up gold bars. Attempting to thwart him in this quest are secret service agents, gay bodybuilders, demonic Michael Jackson clones and a mysterious barrel that seems to have a grudge.

I'm Sorry is full of random insanity such as the secret service agents stripping down to bondage gear and spanking our piggy hero when they catch him. It's funny and bizarre, but unfortunately the game is a mediocre Pac-Man clone that gets repetitive too quickly. Mr. I'm Sorry has a meaty punch to defend himself, and can also jump, but collision detection can be finicky and imprecise. When you die, which tends to happen a lot, you have to start the whole level over again. You only have three lives, and when you run out you go back to the very beginning of the game (no continues). You end up having to re-do the levels more often than you'd like and it gets pretty old pretty fast.

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