Victory Road puts the Rambo clone buddies of the first game in space (somehow), where a flying stone head taunts them while sending hordes of little green goblins and flying thingies after them.

The primary twist of this game is the control scheme - literally, you can twist the joystick in circles to change the aiming direction of the character as you move (necessary given that enemies come at you from eight different directions and in vast quantities.)

Two players can participate in this shoot-fest simultaneously, but it really doesn't make a difference. The game is a long, overdrawn slog through hordes of clone enemies, none of whom are very bright or even aggressive, but who simply present challenge through flooding in sheer bulk. Every now and then, you get to pop through some random emerald doorway to engage in a mini-boss battle with Stone Face or one of his underlings, but you never seem to get the pleasure of actually killing him permanently. Presumably you get a crack at it at the very end, but I never had the moxie to actually plow all the way to it. The sameiness of the backgrounds and enemy hordes just gets discouraging and boring too quickly.

If playing on MAME, you'll have serious aim problems unless you are using a more recent version and map the rotating function of the stick to either the shoulder buttons on your gamepad or some other keys on the keyboard. Really, the best thing to do is not even bother with the game in the first place, however.

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