HAUNTED CASTLE / Konami / Arcade

Unfortunately, the only arcade entry in the Castlevania series is just too ridiculously hard to be any fun. Stiff controls and crazy difficulty are the order of the day here, as Jerkov Belmont goes on a quest to recover his bride who was randomly stolen by Dracula. You have an energy meter in this one, but I don't know if it's even ever refilled, and a lot of enemies take half or more off with one hit anyway. You also only get five continues to make it through the entire game, and get kicked back to the very beginning once they are used up ... likely you'll burn them all just trying to get through the first level. A shamelessly unplayable quarter-sucker, the only redeeming value of this one is the good music and some of the impressive large bosses (if you ever manage to get that far). Only for the most hardcore of Castlevania collectors.

(Note : According to Wikipedia, the Japanese version of this game is actually substantially less difficult. Making this perhaps the one case in the entire universe where the Japanese version of a game is dumbed down as compared to the Western release. I'm guessing the controls aren't any less crappy than they are here, however.)


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