TMNT: THE HYPERSTONE HEIST / Konami / Sega Genesis

Hyperstone Heist is a weird re-cut of Turtles In Time. Basically, they took the "time travel" plot element out, and with it all the later levels of the game. The whole of Hyperstone Heist is the initial levels of Turtles In Time where you're in the Big Apple (at 3 AM) storming through to the sewers and eventually the Technodrome, except Konami expanded all the levels by cutting and pasting bits out of some of the later Turtles In Time levels and also just adding some completely new sections. They also re-jiggered all the boss battles. No idea why they did this instead of just porting TIT, maybe because people would whinge if they had Mode 7 effects on the SNES version but not on the Genesis. Oh well, whatevs.

Generally the SNES one is seen as vastly superior, but honestly I kinda like this one better. Gameplay seems a little faster and smoother, and while the graphics can't match the color depth or special effects of the SNES, everything just looks *crisper* for some reason, more like the original arcade game than TIT did. It also brings over the nice tunes from the SNES game, which actually come out of the Genesis sound chip pretty darn well somehow.

Although decent it's only five levels long, with the fourth level just being a "boss rush" followed by Baxter Stockman reprising his form from the first game, and all the bosses in the game are pretty much jokes. I think it's worth a cheap pickup for an actual physical Genesis collection (it does offer 2-player fun), but if you're talking digital download I wouldn't bother unless it's like 1 or 2 bucks.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video