TMNT 3 is done in the style of the arcade game, but it's the first to have been designed exclusively for the NES, rather than being a port. You'd think they'd have learned some lessons from the dodgy hit boxes, screen flicker, and slowdown of the arcade port, but no ... apparently not, since all these things are still present.

TMNT 3 looks and sounds about as nice as an NES game is going to (almost constant flicker and clipping aside), and it's classic Golden Age of Konami in that regard, with the Kukeiha Club back for another soundtrack similar to that of the original arcade game. It's really a pretty solid beat-em-up overall, with a couple new moves tossed into your roster, but I just felt like the same old sloppy hit boxes from the original contributed to too many cheap hits that bogged the game down and made it feel tedious.

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