Fancy World is bizarrely addictive. It's, like, the easiest arcade game ever (save the occasional boss battle that seems to happen at the end of the even-numbered of the game's ten "worlds".) The game is sort of a bizarre combination of Bubble Bobble and Mega Man - instead of shooting either bubbles or Busters, however, you sort of lob energy spheres at the enemy (which are highly effective), and occasionally upgrade to a massive laser of death.

By all rights, this game should be completely stupid. And, in a way, it is. Yet, somehow, I found it compelling enough to play about halfway through several times for this review (fair disclaimer - being lightly toasted on red wine for these plays may have helped this somewhat ... also helped in writing this review ... shh.)

You play as some little blue girl who looks like a refugee out of the Phantasy Star universe. Apparently, she's using her Magical Girl Space Powers to visit famous locations on Earth (denoted by a static digitized GIF in the background of some famous landmark like the Sydney Opera House) and clear them out of demonic chickens and other foul beasts. The only objective is to clear every screen of enemies, but you can find hidden treasure chests by lobbing your balls at random spots. These range from snacks that grant bonus points, to a giant golden fist, which initially I thought was not wise to walk over seeing as my avatar was a young girl in a rather short dress (turns out it's a bonus too, though.) There are ten of these locales, each comprised of five levels, and the easiness of most of them is offset by some punishingly difficult boss battle at the end of every other one. Clear a level successfully, and you are treated to some random pop performance by the main character accompanied by some obnoxious dude doing that Japanese taunt where they pull one eye down at you.

So, yeah. If you're slightly drunk, give this one a spin. You may enjoy it!


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