Shadow over Mystara basically just repeats what worked for prequel Tower of Doom, and adds in a few small improvements here and there.

Gameplay is basically unchanged - up to four players venture through the D&D world, killing all manner of monsters and evildoers. This time out, in addition to the four character classes present in the first game, you can also choose to be a Thief or Mage. The Mage wields a range of more powerful attacks spells than the Elf, while the Thief is a quick striker who can occasionally jump on an enemy for an instant-death Backstab (and can also make them drop loot with a rush attack). The only major changes to gameplay are that the inventory/magic system has been decomplicated a bit (magical characters exclusively use spells, while nonmagical exclusively use items), and that several special moves can be performed with Street Fighter-esque motions. The equipment system has been expanded a bit as well, with more types of equippable items that can be seen via a bar at the bottom of the playfield.

Otherwise things are pretty much the same, albeit with even nicer graphics (more color, better spell effects and more of a Darkstalkers/anime vibe to this one) and sound. You still have the multiple branching paths that gave the first game replayability above and beyond the average brawler, but this time out certain bonus paths are only open when certain characters are in your party.

This game is good fun for arcade beat-em-up fans and fantasy gamers. It's OK for solo play, but it really shines when you have a party of players working together.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video