CHARLIE NINJA / Mitchell / Arcade

Charlie Ninja is basically Mitchell's attempt to clone Sunset Riders and Metal Slug and fuse them together, but with not-so-great results. It stars two totally charisma-less cartoony ninjers who can double-jump and huck shurikens. The game starts out in an Old West setting very similar to Sunset Riders, but moves on to all sorts of other eras and settings, as apparently our Charlie Ninjas can time-travel.

The mild cuteness and colorfulness of the graphics is not enough to overcome lame level layouts and boring, uninspired gameplay. You take quite a few cheap hits in this one and most of the bosses are just insane as far as difficulty goes. Despite looking exactly like Sunset Riders you can't jump between upper and lower levels, which is irritating for the first bit of gameplay. And like Metal Slug, you can't fire upwards or diagonally, which I hated there and have no less hate for here.

Well, I guess that's the reason why I'd never heard of or seen this one before until now. Nice try Charlie Ninja but you need much, much more training before you can even consider yourself 1/10th of a ninjer.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video