Most people are likely to be acquainted with the NES version of Bad Dudes, which was possibly one of the worst (and yet most hilarious) games ever inflicted upon mankind. The original arcade version, suprisingly, is a significant step up from that port; it has much smoother gameplay, better graphics and better sound.

That's not to say it isn't still a piece of crap. It is. The levels consist of tedious waves of the same ninja enemies over and over again, and the game is capped by a series of boss battles that were clearly designed to rip you off of as many quarters as possible.

For those completely unfamiliar with the game, apparently ninja-related crimes are rampant, and the White House is no exception. Some army guy questions whether you are a bad enough dude to rescue the President; in this edition he is called President Ronnie. This entails seven levels of punching and kicking your way through the Dragon Ninja clan; they also have apparently contracted the mercenary services of Karnov, and after you kill him in the first level, they seem to keep reviving him as a zombie somehow, which is really way more morbid than I expected from this game. Anyway, each level is capped with a boss battle, and when you are victorious you get the delightful digitized scream of "I'M BAD!" (which, in the arcade version, actually sounds like a guy who might really be bad, or at least dangerously grouchy).

The game is surprisingly easy as compared to the NES version, no doubt the effect of the controls actually being halfway responsive and the game having a decent animation frame rate. The difficulty really spikes once you hit the fourth level or so, though, going into "suck their pockets dry" mode and staying that way through the end of the game.

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