Armed Police Batrider is a vertically scrolling shooter that is cute, has nice graphics, good audio and tons of background interaction, but ultimately it's too hyperactive to be really enjoyable except by the most die-hard of shooter fans.

There's apparently two modes of play - in one, you choose from a team of space pilots with whom you'll save the universe or whatever. But there's also another mode, which lets you select from an even wider range of ships, but you seem to be stuck with the same one for all three lives. I'm not certain if the ships have any difference in speed, but they seem to have different weapon types and special attacks. In any case, you'll blast through a futuristic dystopian city apparently trying to save humanity from something or another. Apparently the game contains a number of hidden stages and bosses, but hell if I could ever find any as I usually have had my ass thoroughly kicked by the second level.

As mentioned, the graphics are nice and the play control is pretty solid. The chief problem with the game is that there's just too many pellets and projectiles coming out of your own ship to begin with - add in the mix of harmless debris constantly spewed around in the background plus tons of enemy projectiles that are often hard to see and you wind up with an overly difficult soup that has a lot of promise but just gets too frustrating to keep on with. Only for those who really enjoy "bullet hell" shooter games.

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