ALIENS / Konami / Arcade

Loosely based on the second movie, you play as Ripley and uh ... Beefy (or whatever the guy's name is) as they blast through numerous space station levels trying to clear out the alien infestation and eventually destroy the queen. Most of the levels scroll vertically, with your characters unable to jump, only able to fire forward and squat while firing to kill pesky kneecap biting aliens (logical I guess given the heavy weaponry they are carrying). The Aliens are rather geriatric in this one and in small numbers don't pose much of a challenge, but later in the game it barrages you with so many you are basically assured to die numerous times. There are two tank levels where you simply fire straight forward as aliens come at you, and then there are a couple of boss battles that operate in a similar fashion (think of the "inside the base" boss battles of Contra).

The levels are kind of unimaginative and uninspiring, and the graphics are mediocre even by 1990 standards with very limited and stiff animation. It's really a tedious and uninspiring beat-em-up/shooter, but at the very least the soundtrack is by the Konami Kukeiha Club, so you are assured of at least that much.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video