NIGHTSKY / Nifflas / PC
Nightsky appears to be trying to cram the tropes of like every popular indie game of the last 4 years into one package. "Zen Games" "chill" ambient atmosphere? Yep. FIZZICKS??! Of course, particularly something between the tar ball physics of Gish and World Of Goo's manipulation of rickety structures, and Nifflas's own Within A Deep Forest. Calming music? Yup. Shadowy backgrounds and characters? Mmm. Vuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvu's gravity flipping? Indeed.

This was made by the dude who did Knytt and Knytt Stories, which I actually liked, so I'm not bagging on this as I do with some of these other hipster games. It's not really a cynical collection of marketable indie ideas, it seems like a unique vision this guy had and is an earnest effort, and I think an early version of it was already being shown two or three years ago anyway. It's just that it's kind of boring to play.

You're a billiards ball, you roll around through stuff. Sometimes you can speed up, brake and reverse gravity, these powers are sort of arbitrarily given and taken away from screen to screen, and after the tutorial level you have to experiment in each new area to see which ones you have. Various FIZZICKS puzzles and ramp-pit combinations tend to impede your progress.

I guess the main problem is, aside from the intentionally subdued and unexciting atmosphere, is that too much of the game seemed like it consisted just of holding down the right arrow. There's a bunch of situations in the game that look like they're intended to be some kind of puzzle, but you can just SONICU right past with enough determination. Would have been nice as a little demo or freeware game ... not so much so as a retail product.
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