WENDY: EVERY WITCH WAY / WayForward / Gameboy Color
WayForward is a company beloved to nerds for making Shantae. Here they make a similar cutesy platformer, which is best compared to playing Gravity Man's level from Mega Man 5 for an entire game, but with Moar Gravity Puzzles.

The game opens with Wendy opening the Meteo Box for some reason, which then flows upward and causes Dracula's Castle to crash behind her house. So she goes into it to find the Meteo stones she unleashed, leading to 12 fairly short levels of platformer action.

Wendy is a solid platformer and the gravity/puzzle twist makes it more interesting than the average platformer, along with pretty good production values by GBC standards. The only issue is that it's very much aimed at the 12-and-under set, so it's also very short and easy. In fact, there's little real challenge at all for the grown-up gamer, a shame given the other promising elements.
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