GHOSTBUSTERS 2 / Activision / NES
Ghostbusters 2 worse than the first NES Ghostbusters?
Is such a thing even possible?
At least the first NES Ghostbusters you could make progress in, even if it was tedious and there was no point. They've converted this one into some sort of incredibly clumsy run-and-gun and I can't even get out of the opening sewer level.

Going by the demo mode, apparently there's some sort of side-scrolling driving levels too, that look maybe marginally better than the driving in the first NES Ghostbusters, and play boppy TMNT-esque music to boot. Apparently you alternate between these and the crummy run-and-gun levels, which are like Contra's ineptly programmed cousin or something.

Oh well. At least I got a laugh out of the surprisingly elaborate death scene, where Vigo flies out of his painting in Superman style, then they have a cheap cutscene where they shooped his sneering portrait from the introduction into the background of New York all cheesily.
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