So the translated version of this floating around is actually some kind of demo apparently, the creator wants to release the full (paid) version in English at some point tho.

Initially I thought Hatoful was a generic dating sim (of which about 1000 like this get released for PC every year in Japan) that someone had cleverly hacked pictures of pigeons into and altered the text. Turns out, no, it was built from the ground up this way. You play as a human girl going to an academy of big, sentient pigeons in a world where birds have apparently evolved into the dominant species. The humor is that it proceeds like the stereotypical dating sim, but what surprised me is that there's actually a pretty dark mystery to unravel, and the game is quick to kill you off in grim (but amusing) ways if you make mistakes.

NR since this only the demo version is available in English for now, but it's worth a look and good for a chuckle at least. Will probably update this at some point when the official English release of the full version comes out.
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