The follow-up to Ben There, Dan That expands the tasty snack of an adventure game to ... well, a slightly bigger snack, as the overall time to play through this one is about 4 hours now, to the prequel's 2. That's not too bad for a classic-style adventure game though, a lot of those were 5-hour affairs if you didn't get too stuck. And the price is still right, at 5 bucks for the two bundled on Steam, or like 2 bucks or less if you wait for it to go on sale. Which it seems to fairly often.

It's the same style as the previous, though there's a bit more graphical polish to this one. And you can scroll through game actions with the mouse wheel now (though irritatingly, it doesn't recognize directional scrolling, so miss something and you have to scroll the whole set around again to get to it.)

It's actually a pretty well-designed adventure, I felt like for the most part the puzzles were just complex enough to be challenging without being maddeningly random. Only two exceptions - some puzzle where you have to decipher a password off a severed arm that I still don't get even after reading the solution in a FAQ, and the very end sequence which I just watched on Youtube since it seemed so random. Otherwise it's good stuff, maybe canting a bit to the "too easy" side ... but that's the side to cant to if you're going to cant in an adventure game.

What's really the selling point is the sharp sense of humor that's even better than in the prequel. Ben and Dan quickly mess up their position as world dictators by ordering their subjects to watch a Magnum PI marathon, which they're so slavishly devoted to that they all forget to eat and die of starvation. Seeking to reverse the complete genocide of humanity, Ben and Dan gallivant through time rips once more with the brilliant plan of stopping the invention of coat hangers, thus never using one to fix their aerial at the start of the first game, thus never setting the whole chain of events in motion. Unfortunately the eventual elimination of coat hangers has the unexpected side effect of letting a time-travelling Hitler take over the world with the aid of an army of dino Nazis. So you'll be spending a lot of time setting that right. Anyway, the game is squarely aimed at fans of old Sierra and LucasArts games, though there's plenty here for everyone else as well.
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