AND YET IT MOVES / Broken Rules / PC
Out of the indie mists comes yet another Platformer With A Tweeeest. This time, you move and jump in typical style with the A-W-D keys, but you can rotate the entire world around you 90 degrees at a time using the left and right arrows. Also has a sort of paper cutout/sketchbook art style going on.

They completely didn't bother going with a story or any characterization here, the gameplay and the "world rotating" hook is entirely the selling point. Since the main guy doesn't have a name, I call him Monochrome Kramer due to his crazy hair and the Seinfeld-esque puffing and popping in the background music. Mono Kramer is stuck in these caves for god knows what reason and simply has to navigate his way out without meeting a horrible death.

Unfortunately, AYIM is another indie case of "interesting idea, but actual game made with the idea is not that interesting." It's kinda neat at first but quickly gets tedious when you have to do stuff like finesse rocks into place to break a spider web while also not causing Kramer to fall to his horrible death (accompanied by weird "soooooch" sound.) Gauging how far you can fall before dying is also kind of random. The difficulty isn't really the issue, though quite a few parts are frustrating, there's checkpoints scattered around everywhere and you respawn infinitely at them when you die, so the pace stays zippy. Even so, I got tired of "soooooch"ing over and over again pretty quickly. There's nothing on hand but the platformer-puzzles, so when those get tiresome, the game basically loses all entertainment value. I might be a little less harsh on it if it were freeware or cheaper, but at a 10-15 buck asking price it just doesn't deliver enough. It's a neat idea that I'd like to see built upon, though.
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