Like most Judge Dredd games, this one is a hastily assembled peice of poo. Brought to you by noted 16-bit poo merchants Acclaim, of course.

It kinda reminds me of the Robocop arcade games and Robocop vs Terminator for the Genesis in the way you move stiffly and can't really effectively dodge enemy gunfire while firing back. You could at least make half an argument that those games were decent, though. There's just no hope for this one.

Aside from the shitty handling, Dredd constantly has to blow up ammo crates and walls to proceed through the levels. You only have a very limited number of pipe bombs that can do this, and replacements are few and far between. Apparently, if you use them all up, and are in a position where you can't get any more, you're just fucked and have to reset the game. This happens in the very first two levels. Bleh.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video