Vampire: MoD is a very blatant clone of the NES Castlevania games, with maybe a little dash of Ninja Gaiden thrown in for good measure. It's like Castlevania with training wheels on, though - you have a huge life bar and mostly face weak, ineffectual enemies without any real diabolical jumping segments. The only real threats are maybe getting knocked off a ledge by one of the irritating little bats that are everywhere.

Threadbare story cutscenes tell the tale of Dr. Social, a snappy dandy gallivanting around Victorian London killing the shit out of monsters for reasons never particularly well explained. The game looks ridiculously like Castlevania down to similar textures and level layouts, the same exact stairs, and new weapons retrieved by smacking floating trollface masks instead of candles.

I guess it's actually a competent platformer, just so simple and routine. The game clearly isn't trying to do anything innovative or exciting here, just provide an approximation of Castlevania for Game Gear owners. Lack of save or password feature also makes it kind of a hard sell for a portable system that likes to eat through batteries.

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