ECO FIGHTERS / Capcom / Arcade

Eco Fighters is a little under-the-radar shooter from Capcom notable for two things. One is the colorful artwork apparently done by the team that did Mega Man 8 and the two Mega Man arcade games, and the other is a unique control scheme whereby you have a rotating gun that rotates 360 degrees by holding down one button for "left" and another for "right".

I've never seen the cabinet, but I can't imagine how having to constantly rotate the gun with two buttons while also pressing the fire button could have been arranged in a comfortable way. Ironically, even though this game never got a home console port of any kind (outside of a PSP "classics collection" dump like 12 years later), playing it with a gamepad and the turret rotating buttons mapped to shoulder L and R is actually the most comfy and sensible way to play it by far.

The story is some bizarre randomness about a giant space corporation that somehow makes huge money off of trashing planets, and now they're trashing yours, so with the help of Dr. Light and Wily's less-known cousin you're off in your little spaceship to wipe out their operations. So you're basically this unhinged eco-terrorist who has no problem slaughtering innocent construction workers and turtles that get caught in the crossfire.

It's a well-made, polished and sometimes enjoyable game, but there's just too much cheap arcade quarter-sucking shit. Just cheap hits galore - enemies from off weird sides of the screen suddenly, they make completely random movements toward you out of their normal movement pattern when you get close, hell of tiny projectiles that get lost in your massive sprays of firepower, etc. It's hardly a memorization-based or "bullet hell" shooter but it's still a little too demanding for people who don't play shooters regularly. Fans of Capcom art may well want to check it out though, just for the visual treats.

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