FANTASY / SNK / Arcade

In Fantasy, some dude who lives on a desert island sees his wife get tired of coconuts for breakfast every day and leave him when some hot pirates cruise up (possibly the Lulz Boat?) He gets salty and takes off in his balloon to board the pirate ship and steal her back. The pirate ship fires cannons at a mean clip and doesn't fuck around, but fortunately for this guy it only seems to shoot in three fixed directions, so avoid those and you're fine.

I'm convinced the second level is impossible. Wifey is tied up in the middle of the ship, you have to dodge a bunch of fairly slow pirates to get there, but they also have these cannon auto-turrets that fire like a motherfucker and annihalate you when you walk parallel to them. You can lulzily use them to kill the pirates, but eventually you get to a point where neither me or the "attract mode" guy seem to be able to ever get past them.

The guy in the Youtube vid I linked below seems to have invincibility mode on somehow or something, so we can at least see that the rest of the game is kinda a variety of levels in Jungle Hunt style. The next level is some weird high-speed balloon side-scroller where you are attacked by various dinos and Dr. Sbaitso. Then it looks like there's a Donkey Kong 3 level, then you get chased by tigers ... tons of other stuff happens. It's odd to see this level of level variety and sound work in a 1981 game, but the gameplay still sucks ass if you can't get past the first real level without some kind of invincibility cheat.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video