TACTICIAN / Sega / Arcade

Tactician is an interesting (though not necessarily very *good*) Konami/Sega hybrid joint that mashes up ideas from Galaxian and Centipede. At the outset of each stage you get a few seconds to draw barriers in the playfield above you. Then the enemies are unleashed and try to crack through your barriers en route to you. Of course you also have a pea shooter to fight back with, but you can also draw more barriers on the fly as you go. Enemies dissolve your barriers in a few hits, but also seem to explode if they hit them or a rock too many times (?).

It's an interesting idea but not necessarily all that well thought out, in that there doesn't actually seem to be much in the way of Tactics to it, everything is just kinda random and chaotic. It really ends up being more about shooting accurately than anything to do with setting up barriers.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video